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“Money Callin” F/ Jelly Roll (Preview)

Money Green (iTunes Pre-Order)

“I really want it to motivate people to go after success. The world defines success as money but I define success as achieving goals. We have to get money to survive, that’s the world we live in, but it’s how we go about it. This is real get money music, it’s not watered down for radio, it’s just real as shit!” – $hamrock (Goal Behind Money Green) / Back in March, Southern emcee $hamrock began spreading the word that he would be dropping his sophomore album sometime this Summer. Now the big day is right around the corner and he’s on a mission to get the word out in every way possible. So of course he hit up one of his favorite Mid-West blogs to share a few details such as: how he feels about the dreaded “sophomore jinx,” what is was like working with Southern great Jelly Roll, and a whole lot more. Peep all the details of his brand new Q&A after the break.

“Don’t even know where to begin with that one; we would be here all day. All I can say is that there are a lot of ups and downs, and you have to manage your expectations at all times. People change, situations change. You just have to maintain your beliefs and know who you are. A lot of artists get caught up in trying to be what they think they should be as opposed to who they really are. Just keep it real at all times and you will never go wrong.”$hamrock (On Facing Career Challenges) / About a year ago, Florida emcee $hamrock took a major step in his career and released his debut album on Wyte Music Records. It is a move that turned out to be fruitful, as the album did well and he has been making major moves ever since. From doing collaborations with your favorite Southern artist to gaining features in big named magazines, $hamrock is headed straight to the top. But he was nice enough to pause for a minute and chat with The Illixer on topics such as: performing live, his new t-shirt venture, staying relevant, and more. Get the scoop after the jump.












  King Of The BHZ Part 4: Think & Grow Rich (iTunes)

Partee is a well established underground rapper from Memphis, TN. He specifically hails from a neighborhood nicknamed “Blackhaven” aka BHZ. Partee originally started out as a member of a group called The Faculty. However as time went on, he quickly made a name for himself as an individual via his impressive business sense and musical abilities. Eventually, he would go on to forge a strong friendship and partnership with Memphis legend Lil Wyte. Together the two formed the label Wyte Music Records, of which Partee is Co-CEO. Last year, was a huge year for Wyte Music Records with two successful nationwide releases: Tha WyteRapper $how by $hamrock and SNO Year-Round by various artists. Hoping to keep the momentum going in the new year, Partee just dropped a project of his own entitled King Of The BHZ Part 4: Think & Grow Rich. Click the jump, lets get into some tracks.