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$hamrock F/ Partee & Lil Wyte – “Right Now”

by Miracle

(Photo By Amazon)

Last time fans heard from beloved Southern emcee $hamrock, he was schooling them on what $helf Life is all about. Now he is back with something that we don’t get too often from the rapper, a new music video. The video is for the song “Right Now” from his Tha WyteRapper $how LP. It features his fellow Wyte Music family Partee and Lil Wyte. And it was directed by Kendrell Watkins and DJ Ritz. Peep the black and white masterpiece below.

This video is on point. It reflects the street feel/theme of the track perfectly. Also, the concept was choice too. The simpleness of the fellas just hanging out and vibing was cool to watch. All in all, definitely a banging video for a banging track. If readers liked the video, they are highly encouraged to check out the rest of Tha WyteRapper $how via iTunes. It’s worth the money, guaranteed. Also, check out $helf Life at the above provided link. It’s the free follow up to the LP. And it too is a quality project that is well worth the listen.

**My Two Cents: I thought this video was great. It didn’t have a bunch of flash or some off the wall story line. It was just straight to the point and all about the music. And I love the Xanax t-shirts. I want one now, haha. Big ups to $hamrock, Partee, and Lil Wyte; you guys did your thing! -MinM

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