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Partee – King Of The BHZ Part 4: Think & Grow Rich (Album Review)

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  King Of The BHZ Part 4: Think & Grow Rich (iTunes)

Partee is a well established underground rapper from Memphis, TN. He specifically hails from a neighborhood nicknamed “Blackhaven” aka BHZ. Partee originally started out as a member of a group called The Faculty. However as time went on, he quickly made a name for himself as an individual via his impressive business sense and musical abilities. Eventually, he would go on to forge a strong friendship and partnership with Memphis legend Lil Wyte. Together the two formed the label Wyte Music Records, of which Partee is Co-CEO. Last year, was a huge year for Wyte Music Records with two successful nationwide releases: Tha WyteRapper $how by $hamrock and SNO Year-Round by various artists. Hoping to keep the momentum going in the new year, Partee just dropped a project of his own entitled King Of The BHZ Part 4: Think & Grow Rich. Click the jump, lets get into some tracks.

“Spinach” F/ $hamrock

The production here is hot. It contains a very quiet tone, a deep bass, and an intense vibe. The hook is on point as well. Partee has a clear delivery and quality no non-sense lyrics. The verses are dope too. Partee takes on the first two and $hamrock covers the third verse. Both rappers came with signature flows and engaging lyrics. They did a respectable job of paying homage to smoking yet also conveyed the message that they are men who are serious about their paper. Some noteworthy lines from Partee include: “White owl full of diesel. Louder then club speakers. You on that library. My kush sound like the preacher. Bad yellow bone with some nice features. It’s her lucky day. I finally get to meet her. Moments later I get to beat her. Immediately after that I leave her. Then she go around her boyfriend acting like a diva.”  Those lines got a smooth player type of element to them. Overall, this track is a winner. Partee and $ham work well together. But this isn’t the first track they killed. Partee appeared on a cut called  “Right Now” off of $ham’s earlier mentioned album Tha WyteRapper $how. They dropped a video for the song last month, watch it here.

“U A Lie”

This track opens up with some words of wisdom from Partee: “Chess not checkers man. Destroy your enemy completely.”  Nicely put and one for the favorite quotes list. The production here is top notch. It features that same low key tone from the previous track but bumps just a little harder with a strong street vibe. The hook is solid. The lyrics are more or less just repetition. Partee’s aggressive delivery is the selling factor, so to speak. The verses are choice. Partee brings his distinctive flow, a few witty jabs, and adequate lyrics. He goes in from start to finish, making it very clear that he has no tolerance for certain types of people. Liars seem to be at the top of that list. Standout lines include: “Lying just to hear yourself talk. The quickest way you can get lined out in chalk. It’s all about making a profit off whatever you bought. And if you can’t like country say, you lost in the sauce. Take off my headphones, Beat By Dres, in my zone. Soon as you start talking I say hold on and put ’em on.”  Serious feelings coming from those rhymes, Partee is no joke. In the end, this song is a banger. And a favorite off of the project.

“Papertrail” F/ Eddie Kane Jr.

The production here is premium. Still hushed and heavy but features a mid-tempo pace and a more relaxed vibe. The hook here is fair. The delivery is interesting, as it’s done with a blend of Partee’s unique Southern sound and Eddie Kane’s slightly melodic sound. And the lyrics are intriguing as well. The verses are up to par. Partee has a lively flow, sharp wordplay, and first-rate lyrics. He does a compelling job of breaking down the whole “papertrail” concept and putting a different perspective on it. Listeners will definitely feel inspired to get their money up after jamming to this track. All in all, this cut is decent. Certainly worth giving a few spins.

“Wings” F/ Amber Cheri

The production here is good and a lot different from the previous tracks. It contains a slow tempo, a piano, and a somber vibe. The hook is exquisite. Amber Cheri has beautiful vocals and the lyrics are touching. Check ’em out: “If I only I could just fly you away from this cruel world and all of these cruel things. We’d lay in the clouds, get away for a while. If only I, only had the wings. If I only had the wings.”  Moving words and message in those lines. The verses are well done. Partee comes with a more reserved flow and heartfelt lyrics. He really opens up to the listener as he shares his honest feelings and memories of loved ones he has lost. It’s a fresh change of pace to see the vulnerable side of the usually hardcore Memphis emcee. Overall, this track is a hit. It’s relatable because everyone has lost someone close to them at some point in their life. And it demonstrates Partee’s versatility. There is just nothing bad to say about it.

**My Two Cents: I don’t listen to a lot of Memphis rappers but Partee’s music has a certain appeal. His style is original and his lyrics are street with a hint of intellect to them. These four songs displayed that the best in my opinion. However, King Of The BHZ Part 4: Think & Grow Rich as a whole is a fine offering. The production was stellar and the content was enjoyable. Fans of Southern Hip-Hop will love this album for sure. But it is highly suggested that fans of other styles of Hip-Hop open their minds and give it a listen too. The project has the potential to win over just about anybody. Don’t just take the review as the final word though. Click the provided link and head on over to iTunes and preview/purchase the album. Then go check Partee out on Twitter or via his website. -MinM

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