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Brianna Perry – “Reality Show”

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

Brianna Perry is on a roll right now. The Florida native just released another brand new video. The video is for the song “Reality Show” off of her recent Face Off mixtape. The video was put together by Twenty40 and features a more laid back natural Brianna. Give it a glimpse below.



The video takes place in a bright all white setting. The concept of the video centers around Brianna hanging out in her crib and watching some of today’s most popular reality shows. She takes a glance at everything from Basketball Wives to TI And Tiny: The Family Hustle. In addition to relaxing in front of her flat screen, Bri is shown: spending time with family, studying, jamming with a band, and more. The band is a standout component in the visuals. The background singer is really into her performance and the rest of the band goes pretty hard too. The video begins to wind down with a well played piano segment. It ends with a promotional number for Brianna’s next release. But readers will have to watch to see which cut she has coming soon. In the end, this is an amazing video. It reflects the theme of the track but adds a little extra something too. It was a very pleasant watch.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite video from Brianna to date. She looks fierce and the video is just really high quality. Not usually a fan of all white but in this case it gives off a smooth bright vibe. Also, the band was an excellent touch. They did their thing, I heart the background singer just like a lot of other viewers. Some people think Bri should have done a mock reality show for the visuals. I strongly disagree, that would have been too cliche. This was original and a lot more fun to watch. Major props to Miss Perry and her crew for a banging project! For more with Brianna, catch her on Facebook. -MinM

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