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Mz. Nova – “True To Me” (Poem)

by Miracle

(Photo By Chris Burton)

Blaqlizt singer/poet Mz. Nova (Treena Burtin) has dropped another gem for the site. This one is different from her previously featured material. This time around instead of trying to fix society, she is trying to heal herself. Check out the strong and personal piece below.

“True To Me”

(Poem By Mz. Nova)

I took a vow to heal my heart because it bore too many scars
Left by lovers who took its gifts for granted
I decided that life was too short to stay in the comfort zone of my own shadow
What I have to offer is worth way more than my simple 9 to 5
Cause right now I’m just getting by
But with these gifts I can truly live
My vow goes deeper than healing
It has meaning further from comprehension
This is my forty days and forty nights to purge the negativity that hangs over me to create a positive flow
I vowed to heal my heart cause it bore too many holes from disappointment and little encouragement
Slowly I fill those trenches with my own voice
I am the only thing standing in the way of my destiny
So from now on I’m going to heal I’m going to laugh I’m going to grow
I am going to be who I was afraid of being


**My Two Cents: I thought this poem was enjoyable. I think it has a certain power about it that makes it appealing. Also, I feel like a lot of people can connect to it. It’s always important to take care of and be true to oneself because a majority of the time in life, all you got is you. Think about it! -MinM

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