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Get “Open” And Meet: Kounterclockwise

by Miracle

(Photo By I AM PR Agency)

Kounterclockwise is an Alternative Hip-Hop act that formed over a decade ago with roots in both Cleveland, Ohio and the state of New York. Members consist of Kaya Rogue and Deacon Burns. The duo take on multiple roles including: producing, engineering, writing, and being musicians. Rogue also sings and Burns is an emcee. The two came together and perfected their skills via doing production for other artists. Yelawolf is one of over 50 artists that the duo has collaborated with. Their work was also included in feature film Love Rome by Carter B. Smith and on the television show Skate Maps. In 2007 while the group was working to create a deal with several independent and major record labels, tragedy struck. Burns was in a terrible accident that resulted in a serious spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed in both legs. But where most people would have given up on life, Burns decided to keep pushing forward. Talk about a dedicated entertainer. He used his recovery time to write songs. He ended up with over 150 total, that is quite the number. Kounterclockwise draws influence from all different genres of music which is reflected in their eccentric style and sound. At the end of last year, they released their debut album Daylight Savings Time. Below are the visuals for the song “Open.” It is track number four on the album.



The video is very interesting. It features the duo in a couple of different unique environments with all types of antics going on. The standout thing about the video is all of the wheelchair action. There are people: dancing, doing tricks, playing sports, and just having a good time all while in wheelchairs. It is a clever acknowledgement of Burns and how he made the best of his situation. According to research, he is a strong advocate of the disabled community. Another noteworthy thing is, the diversity of the people that appear in the video. There are people from all walks of life present and that is always a pleasure to see. The visuals end on a peculiar note. It involves: a skeleton, caution tape, instruments, and more. All in all, this was a solid number.  There was certainly a lot happening and there was never a dull moment.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was cool and unusual. There is for sure nothing else like it. I especially love how the video conveyed the message that you can still live life to the fullest even with disabilities. Burns and people like him are truly inspiring individuals who deserve major credit for persevering through their situations. Also, Burns and Rogue seem to vibe very well together. They are a little quirky but make it work and appear to get real enjoyment out of what they do. Which is all that counts. Be sure to check out Daylight Savings Time at the above link and consider making the purchase. A portion of the proceeds goes to The Wheelchair Foundation. So you get good music while supporting a worthy cause. It’s a win/win situation. And get more with Kounterclockwise via their website. -MinM

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