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Tank – “Next Breath” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

Atlantic Records R&B veteran Tank is set to drop a new album soon. The first single off of the new project hit iTunes last month and is titled “Next Breath.”  Just a few days ago, the singer released graphics for the track. Peep the video below.

This video was directed by Mike Ho. The location for the video is good old Los Angeles, CA. The plot here centers around Tank dealing with a recent break up. The opening shows him sitting in an empty apartment pining over a picture. Then the scene cuts away to a black and white shot of Tank with his former lady. As the video progresses, Tank goes from sad to angry and starts to destroy his apartment. He breaks pictures, tears down shelves, knocks over a bookcase, the works. Amid the destruction, more black and white shots of the former couple are shown. Once the apartment is good and trashed, Tanks goes through another mood change. This time he starts to staple pictures of his old flame to the wall by candlelight. It’s a pretty intense moment. The video wraps up with Tank making the ultimate move of desperation and giving his ex-girlfriend a call. The call does not go too well. He can’t seem to say much and she doesn’t seem to want to be bothered. The video ends as it began, with Tank sad and all alone in his apartment.

**My Two Cents: This was a great video. The storyline was captivating and really held the viewer’s attention. Tank did an awesome job of conveying his pain and suffering throughout the video. To the point where one can’t help but feel sorry for the poor guy.  It was a very fitting way to bring the song to life. The visuals here more than served their purpose. Kudos to Tank and Mike Ho! Tank’s new album This Is How I Feel is due out soon! -MinM

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