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Meet Brew City Balla: Young Kropes

by Miracle

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Young Kropes Presents: Collaboration Dedication Volume 3

Young Kropes: 6 Track EP

Young Kropes is a Hip-Hop producer.musician who is originally from here in Milwaukee but now resides in Tampa, Florida. Growing up, Kropes was a huge fan of Hip-Hop music. He especially took a liking to the West Coast sound. However, his mother didn’t approve of the genre and would often try and take away his music. He used this as inspiration to start writing his own music. He played around with song writing and recording with his brother when he was younger and got serious about doing his own music around 2006. His foray into the Hip-Hop scene began with a group he formed with friends called the Brew City Ballas. The group went on to release about three mixtapes. In 2008, the group hit a small snag with one member going to jail and Kropes deciding to move to Florida. But they do not consider themselves broken up. Since going solo, Kropes has released about five projects, been featured in various publications in both Milwaukee and Florida, performed at a large variety of venues, been nominated for awards, and more. He has described his style as “deep bass rap with a mid-90’s flavor.” His inspiration for this due to the fact that like most long time Hip-Hop fans, he feels that the genre was at it’s prime in the 90’s. He still respects the music now but feels the mainstream is seriously lacking in some areas. Kropes prides himself on being original but likes to remix songs from his favorite artists from time to time. He makes music that appeals to a wide range of tastes and throws in some Rock flavor on occasion. His inspiration for his lyrics comes from life and personal experiences. Besides working as a solo artist, Kropes also runs his own independent record label called Dub Duece Entertainment. The label features about 15 artists that range in style from Hip-Hop to Acoustic. The label is based both in Wisconsin and Florida with future plans for expansion. Unlike a lot of independent rappers, Kropes ultimate goal is not fortune and fame. He just wants to keep making quality Hip-Hop music that entertains the fans for as long as he possibly can

Currently, Kropes is pushing two projects. The first is entitled Young Kropes Presents: Collaboration Dedication Volume 3. The mixtape features about 14 tracks. It includes original content and features from other indie rappers. Also, some of the previously mentioned remixes that Kropes likes to do can also be found on the album. “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown and “Swangin” by the late Pimp C are two examples of the remixes. The topics on this tape cover everything from city living to smoking. The production includes heavy hitting bass lines, street tracks, and a mellow number or two. Suggested songs are: “Goblin” and “Growin Up.” As a whole, this is a fair project. Young Kropes makes a respectable contribution and the beats are decent. The second project that Kropes is pushing is called Young Kropes: 6 Track EP. This project includes the original versions of a few tracks from the mixtape. Also, there is a sampling of “Empire State Of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys. The content here has topics similar to that of the tape but switches it up with more Tampa pride type songs like “Go Rays.” The production here has a street feel as well but takes on a lighter tone. A standout track from the EP would be “Dem Whiteboyz” featuring Tom E Gunn. It has an ill beat and entertaining lyrics. All in all, the EP is a solid project. Kropes is pushing these two offerings to generate buzz for his upcoming debut album. The album will be released via iTunes and select retailers and is titled Just Turn Me Up. The debut is set to drop in mid April and will be followed up by promo shows in central Florida.

**My Two Cents: I think Young Kropes is a unique artist. He has a distinct sound and a real passion for his craft. If he keeps working hard and remains genuine, I think he will continue to thrive in his career. Both of his offerings are worth a listen. I liked the EP better then the mixtape though. Be sure to check out both via the above provided links. For more with Kropes check out his website or hit him up on Twitter. -MinM

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