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News: Malice (Clipse) Goes Through A Religious Transformation

by Miracle

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Rapper Malice, part of Virginia rap duo the Clipse, has decided to change his name. Apparently, within the past couple of years the rapper has become extremely devoted to Christianity and that’s what inspired the change. His new stage moniker will be No Malice. He began his foray into Christianity back in 2006 after the Clipse released their Hell Hath No Fury album. His goal is to change his ways of valuing: sex, drugs, money, women, and power. Sources say that he expressed more about his desire/need to change in his recent book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked. The book is a memoir that was released last year. He announced the death of his former stage persona via Twitter, accompanied by a video of his “funeral.” He wants fans to know that his change is more about his lifestyle than anything. He’s not about to become an extreme Christian rapper or anything like that. Insert sigh of relief here. Anyways, No Malice will release his first solo venture under his new alias sometime this Summer. It has been dubbed Hear Ye Him!. No Malice is excited about the project and hopes that fans will stick with him on his new journey. Peep his website here.

**My Two Cents: I have been a fan of the Clipse since they first came out thanks to my brother. I was excited to see all of Pusha T‘s success over the past couple of years, after hooking up with Kanye West. So I have been wondering what happened to Malice. I am glad he is not making some extreme conversion but just wants to clean up his life. I am super skeptical of rappers who do the conversion thing. But that’s a different post for a different time. There is nothing wrong with making some positive lifestyle changes though. So best wishes to No Malice on his new journey. Anybody checking for that mixtape this Summer? -MinM

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