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Kidd – The Process (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

The Process (listen/download)

Kidd of the Music Done Right camp decided to expand on his previously featured EP and create a full mixtape version of The Process as well. It consists of two tracks from the EP and then ten brand new additions. So how does the longer project compare to it’s predecessor? Find out after the jump.


The production here is of premium quality. The cool rhythm, polished background elements, and easy going vibe mesh together nicely. The hook is efficient. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are appealing. The verses are good. Kidd dishes out an interesting flow, jagged wordplay, and respectable rhymes. He really lets his personality shine through while sharing his thoughts and recapping certain situations. Lines to take note of include: “I see you looking like you want something. Baby what’s happening? She said I got demeanor like a n—a be rapping. I told her hell nah I don’t be rapping, I be trapping. She thought the s–t was funny. And told me that’s cracking. But I told her I was kidding. I’m just trying to live life. And I ain’t scared of death. Like a n—a live twice.” Solid and original story telling going on right there. Overall, this song is a winner.

“Roll With Me”

The production here is great. It contains smooth hushed musical ingredients, a slow gentle tempo, and a relaxed vibe. The hook is fair. The sing song delivery stands out and the lyrics are simple but legit. The verses are valid. Kidd brings a mellowed out flow, authentic wordplay, and serious rhymes. He candidly discusses his feelings towards life, realness, women, and more. Lines to observe include: “As you get older you get colder but you gotta be a soldier. Some people f–k with you. Some people don’t. That’s how the s–t go. But don’t worry about the talk. Because if you got ’em talking if they mad at what you doing then s–t that ain’t your fault then. So if you can’t fault them n—as for being salty. Keep doing your thing, busting moves, getting paper. And tell them haters later. I got somewhere to be. If you real then you might be at that somewhere with me.” Deep and thought provoking words being spit right there. In the end, this song is another hit.


This song takes on a completely different aura than the previous cuts. It’s a lot more free spirited and inviting. The production here is enjoyable. The instrumentation has a nice groove to it and there is a charming vibe given off. The hook is pretty cut and dry. The delivery is clear and the lyrics are standard. The verses are up to par. Kidd contributes a suitable flow and first-class rhymes. He sets the tone for a perfectly debonair party anthem. With extremely savvy lines such as: “I said I’m stepping like a playa. Moving like a mack. Get a little tipsy. I’m moving to the track.” One can’t help but to savor the music. All in all, this track is worth checking out and a favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: I definitely like this mixtape a lot better than the EP. Kidd has a much stronger lyrical game. Also, his subject matter is a bit more diverse. And the production is just as fresh on this mixtape as it was on the EP. So readers should without a doubt hit up Band Camp and give The Process a listen in it’s entirety. Be sure to follow Kidd on Twitter too. -MinM

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