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Iron Rose – “So Solid” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“So Solid” (listen/download)

In keeping with the theme of trios, meet newcomers to the site Iron Rose. Iron Rose is a group from our neighboring state of Illinois. The group is made up of members: Curtis The Great (23), Soda-P (22), and Iron Mike (22). The fellas are just days away from releasing a new project dubbed The Just. It will include 14 tracks and top notch production. In order to promote the upcoming offering, Iron Rose is pushing two videos. The first of which is for their track “So Solid.”


“So Solid” is a low key number with a suave rhythm and quality street lyrics. The visuals are simplistic in nature yet retain a certain appeal about them. The focal point here is basically just a care free day at the house with the guys. So the viewer gets to witness things like: a little pen & paper action, money counting, a glimpse of the food supply, etc. The video ends with the guys stepping outside for some fresh air. Overall, this was a solid piece. It serves as an easy introduction to Iron Rose for anyone who is not familiar with the group.

**My Two Cents: This was a fair video. It would have been nice to see just a little more action going on though. But for my first time being exposed to Iron Rose, it was decent. The Just drops on the 16th of this month. And readers can get more with Iron Rose here. -MinM

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