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Introducing: The Movie Council

by Miracle

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The Movie Council Official Page

For a while now readers have been requesting that the site do just a tad bit more on the film side of entertainment. So when presented with the opportunity to partner up with a new up-and-coming group of cinema enthusiasts, it was a no brainer. The Movie Council is a group of passionate movie buffs who have decided to get together and discuss the best of the best flicks as they hit the big screen. It consists of five members total, a few of which are names that readers are sure to recognize. The members are: singer/songwriter/author Kal’L Gage, rapper/producer/videographer Rich P, rapper/assistant videographer Qewl Miles, photographer/videographer Rick Porter, and video editor Keelo Graham. To get the ball rolling the fellas made an introductory video so that their rapidly growing fan base can get to know them a little bit better and get a feel for what to expect from the upcoming movie reviews.

The intro opens with the guys giving a brief spiel about who they are and what role they will be playing on the council. The reviews will be broken down into five parts, with each member taking on a segment to explore. Rick Porter will cover directing, Qewl Miles will speak on acting, Rich P will speak on scripting/writing, Keelo will speak on flaws, and Kal’L will provide an overall summary. At the end of each discussion, each member will then supply a rating for the flick. The purpose of which is to inform the viewer on whether they should rush out to the theaters to see it, wait for it on DVD/Blu-Ray, or just avoid it like the plague.

Once the fellas got all of the business details out of the way, they got into something a little more fun. Prior to shooting the debut webisode, the team allowed fans to send in any kind of question that they could think of regarding films. They randomly selected a handful of questions to answer and decided to tackle them in the second portion of the intro video. To keep things interesting they passed the questions along to one another versus one person reading them and then just having an ordinary style discussion. They got some pretty engaging inquiries too on everything from: movie scores to books turned into screenplays, to sequels, and a whole lot more. The Q&A session made for a compelling watch for sure. And it was a very awesome way to get to know the gang. The council wrapped up their premiere video by announcing the subject of their first review. But you’ll have to tune into the intro to see what they picked. If readers happen to enjoy the video and want to stay connected to The Movie Council, they can visit their Facebook Page (see above) and hit the like button.

**My Two Cents: I am super excited to have The Movie Council on the site. I’m a pretty big movie fan myself and always get a kick out of discussing movies with others. Just don’t necessarily always have the time. And I know the reviews will be great as I have had many a film talk with Kal’L and Rich. They never disappoint and get pretty deep into the subject matter. I can’t wait to share the initial review with readers. And much love to the fellas for bestowing this opportunity upon The Illixer! -MinM

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