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King Cezar F/ CT – “Unpopular Truths” [CezMix]

by Miracle

“Unpopular Truths” (Sound Cloud)

King Cezar is in the zone at the moment. He just recently blessed his followers with one of his infamous CezMixes. He grabbed fellow Milwaukee spitter CT and the pair took on a joint by West Coast veteran rapper Nipsey Hussle called “Famous Lies & Unpopular Truths.” They utilized the latter half of the original title for the name of their remix. Get the rundown on the remake after the break.

The production here pretty much mirrors the original. There is a lighter take on the foundation of the instrumental. But the fluid musical elements, mellow tempo, and suave vibe are all still present creating a wonderful auditory experience for the listener. The hook is perfection. The delivery is consistent and the lyrics are bold. The verses are skillfully crafted too. King Cezar knocks out the first half of the record and CT steps up to the plate on the second half. Both artists indulge in noticeable flows, vivid wordplay, and telling rhymes. The duo get some things off of their chests by shedding light on current situations in their everyday lives. A glimpse of what’s happening with King Cezar includes: “Elevation is the focus. New crib like a fortress. Hit the mall and go bonkers. Almost went broke up in Nordstrom. Man, where was I before all that? In the trap house with the loud pack. Playing 2K, sipping D’usse.” One has to appreciate the leveling up that is mapped out in those bars right there. Overall, this is a very clutch offering.

**My Two Cents: It’s no secret that I live for a good CezMix. This one is my favorite one so far. The production is an awesome fit for King Cezar and CT. The fellas deliver as if the beat was made just for them. The content is hot too. Cez shows out on the hook and I like the brief yet effective nature of the verses. They give you just enough to satisfy your craving, that way you have room to come back for more later on. I think Nipsey would be thrilled with this take on his song. Hit that link. Don’t cheat yourself. -MinM

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