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Cezar F/ Zooted Spitwell – “Better Days”

by Miracle

Better-Days(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee artist Cezar dropped a single a couple of weeks ago that holds a message of encouragement that is much needed during these current trying times. The song is entitled “Better Days” and it features an artist that goes by the name of Zooted Spitwell. The collaboration is produced by Cash X Beats.

The production here is reserved. The low-pitched base, polished musical ingredients, unhurried tempo, and sobering vibe fit gracefully together. The hook is favorable. The delivery consists of an unique melodic tone and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are of a reputable quality. Cezar takes on the first two portions of the record and Zooted Spitwell adds his presence towards the end. Both rappers serve up patented flows, legitimate wordplay, and essential rhymes. They share their trials & tribulations while at the same time letting the listener know that they have hope for more promising days to come. A handful of memorable lines from King Cez are: “I made the decision to quit being timid. Wasn’t no food in the kitchen. Just soda and dishes. So I’m in this booth getting ignorant. Man I’m so different. I need some distance from all of these n—as and b—hes. They playing games like the division. I’m no 360 but n—a I’m flipping. Live from the trenches.” Those are some critical opening bars right there. As a whole, this is truly a prized offering.

**My Two Cents: With all of the police brutality and such currently plaguing our nation, this type of music is quite refreshing. Cezar and Zooted Spitwell really open up and take the listener on an emotional journey of sorts. Also, I love the positive reinforcement that is contained within the theme of the cut as well. Bad times never last forever and it’s always nice to be reminded of that. I think the production pulls together the theme as well as the emotions of the selection in a top notch fashion. Props to Cez and Zooted for using their platforms to do some good. Keep y’all heads up and keep pushing. #BlackLivesMatter -MinM

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