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Young Lyric – “YAHH!!” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Yahh Single Cover(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Bad Akktor Records diva Young Lyric is capitalizing quite nicely on her rise in popularity since her stint on The Rap Game TV series. She’s been going strong with new tunes and videos, leaving no doubt that she still has that ‘it’ factor. Her latest release is a song simply coined “YAHH!!” produced by G-Luck and B-Don of GNB Productions. The single is scheduled to appear on her upcoming project Boss Moves which is due out sometime next month.

The production here is banging. The firm bass-line, swagged out background elements, trendy rhythm, and hood savvy vibe make for a welcome combination. The hook is decent. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are complimentary. The verses are on point. Young Lyric attacks the track with a committed flow, sleek wordplay, and self-assured rhymes. Not winning the finale didn’t put a damper on her spirits one bit. A couple of rewind worthy lines include: “I’m just on this money mission. Laughing at the competition. Young and I’m fly and I came with it. Fresh on the scene. I don’t play with it. They want that heat and I stay with it. I stay on fleek and I slay with it. I took a loss but I came back. I hit the booth and I blaze tracks.” This Houston talent knows she’s a force to be reckoned with and she isn’t afraid to enlighten the rest of the world. All in all, this is a hot record.

There is a video that goes along with this selection courtesy of Bad Akktor Records and Studio 713. The story-line for the visuals is actually pretty cool. Lyric conspires with her friends to sneak into school after hours for a little partying and mischief. The gang takes over the auditorium as well as the gym and live it up like only teenagers can. There is a ton of fun/high spirits on display throughout the piece. Additionally, Lyric and her squad command all attention with their crisp dance moves in the hallway scenes. She has some fly solo moments too. All of these components combined with the professional grade editing quality make the vision a real treat to watch. Once again, Lyric creates a song & video pairing that flawlessly go hand in hand.

**My Two Cents: I was a little sad when Young Lyric didn’t walk away with the prize on The Rap Game. She definitely has talent and I think she performed well on the show. I am very glad to see that her and her team are pushing forward though. I really like this song & video. The single has a lot of sass to it and the production is top notch. The video aligns well with the tune and I love the plot. It is very age appropriate and the kids look like they all had a ball. I can’t wait to discover what else Boss Moves has in store. Be sure to keep up with Lyric on Twitter (see above) so that you don’t miss out on the pending collective. -MinM

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