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Music Quickies: Smallwood F/ $hamrock & Rando – “Money On My Mindframe” (Video)

by Miracle

12784476_10205773192794696_1183209534_n(Photo By Infamous Design 313)

“Money On My Mindframe” (previous review)

Earlier this year, the site was privy to a single by a pair of our fave Southern affiliates Smallwood & $hamrock (Iri$h The Pen) along with their fellow artist Rando. The single was entitled “Money On My Mindframe” and it featured snippets of old school R&B classic, “Shorty Swing My Way.” A review for the tune can be found above.

A little while back, the trio set free a video for their collaboration. The visual is directed by NVD Online and Street Grind DVD. The flick was filmed in Orlando, Florida. The premise for the piece is pretty straightforward. The guys just hang loose in a ducked off setting surrounded by pleasant weather while relaying their individual parts. They do a flawless job of embodying the down to earth nature of the track. And their performances are full of magnetism. Readers will definitely enjoy this brief cleanly executed number. So go ahead and take a peek. -MinM

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