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Smallwood F/ $hamrock & Rando – “Money On My Mindframe”

by Miracle

12784476_10205773192794696_1183209534_n(Photo By Infamous Design 313)

Nashville artist Smallwood was first featured on the site way back in 2012 when things were just getting off of the ground good. Over the years, he’s kept his music catalog growing and he’s been rocking a variety of stages as well. He recently reached out with a new collaboration track that he’s pushing. It’s called “Money On My Mindframe” and it features $hamrock (Iri$h The Pen) & Rando.

The production here grabs the listener right away. Especially if the listener happens to be into nostalgic 90’s tunes. It is comprised of: a smooth foundation, old school R&B style background elements, a low key tempo, and a breezy vibe. It should be noted that sampling from the classic hit song “Shorty Swing My Way” by K.P. & Envyi can be heard throughout the selection. The hook is valid as well. $hamrock brings favorable Southern accented vocals with complimentary lyrics. The verses are good. Smallwood takes down the first half of the record while Rando polishes off the second half. Both artists provide distinguishable flows, suitable wordplay, and proficient rhymes. They pen a very open & honest anthem pertaining to the struggles that comes along with chasing the all mighty dollar. A few lines to be aware of from Smallwood include: “All my people switched up. But that’s just the way it is. You can’t trust these b—hes. And watch who you call your friends. Cause when your money’s funny, they ain’t nowhere to be found. But when the tables take a turn that’s when they wanna be around.” One can not deny the realness of those beginning bars right there. It’s a sad scenario that occurs all too often. As a whole, this is a fresh record and great way to bring Smallwood back to the site.

**My Two Cents: Smallwood has grown a lot as an artist over the past four years. He’s gotten stronger lyrically and his flow is more polished. His style fits perfectly with the production on this record. $ham adds a nice as well as unexpected touch by singing for the hook. Rando holds his own too by taking the edge factor up just a notch. And I love the sampling work. The fellas did their thing on this cut and I believe readers will be more than happy to add this to their hustling playlists. So go ahead and click that button. -MinM

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