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Illuminati Roundtable: Why The Woke Should Go To Sleep

by Pooh Bailey

(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

Back like a baby-daddy during tax season, and I see the woke haven’t taken a nap yet. Lately these Neo-Soul / woke artists have been saying the dumbest stuff ever. And you faux-intellect internet dwellers have been falling for it. But not I. So today’s ‘Girl Bye’ goes to Erykah Badu. If you don’t know what she said, she tweeted this:


Now that idiotic tweet was followed by more nonsense. Basically the series of tweets sent by Ms. Badu is saying men are going to be men and your underage daughter should dress appropriately. Just like Jill Scott before her, Badu is blaming the women, excuse me girls, for men being trash. This is furthering the idea of patriarchy, which if Badu would’ve googled, she doesn’t benefit from. But then again, she asked her boyfriend for permission about a tweet. So here is where Badu got me messed up:


So you’re telling me that young girls shouldn’t wear skirts because grown ass men can’t control their penises? Newsflash: It doesn’t matter what a young lady is wearing, if a man is attracted to her he’s attracted to her. So sorry Ms. Badu but the type of clothes a young woman wears, will not stop a sexual predator. Doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a skirt or a sweat suit. Blaming young ladies is one of the main issues we have today in our society. Everybody wants to blame women and never the men. If you’re a male teacher who finds himself sexually aroused by your female students, then maybe teaching isn’t for you. Try a new profession before you catch a case or some young lady’s father after school. Yes, we are sexual in nature but as humans we know how to control it. So blaming someone else for you not being able to control your urges, sounds like a cop out.

At this point, Erykah needs to chill out on the sniffing of the burning incense because it’s messing with her brain cells. As a mother with daughters, I would expect way different from Ms. Badu. Then again y’all got her believing her fake deep thoughts actually mean something. When reality it shows how out of touch she really is. She better call Tyrone and leave us alone. –Pooh Bailey

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