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Marissa Martinez Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle


Marissa Martinez is a social media personality who hails from Texas. She came across the attention of the Life + Music = team due to her captivating presence and ability to engage with people online. She also happens to be a pretty big music lover as well. Not everyone who makes an impact on the world has to be some major celebrity or talent. Some people just have a special vibe about them. Get to know Miss Martinez a little bit better by checking out her Q&A after the break.

Life + Music =: What drives you to be better and do better?

Marissa Martinez: God, just God.

L+M=: If you owned a record label what current artist would you sign first?

MM: Man that’s a difficult question. I am completely in love with music. Tory Lanez is definitely one, an artist named Tyus, and also Chrishan. The list could go on trust me, lol.

L+M=: What part of the day do you listen to music the most and why?

MM: All day, every day. But the best answer is when I’m going to bed. I can’t really sleep without music. But also I’m so addicted to hearing music, I get in my car with no real destination just so I can hear the bass from good music …. just ride the highways. I wear headphones in almost every place I go: grocery store, mall, you name it.

L+M=: What would you say to young girls that might look up to you?

MM: Create your own wave. I appreciate all the love. If I inspire you, if you admire me, I hope it’s enough to make you want to be the best version of YOU.

L+M=: What does life plus music equal to you?

MM: You can’t have one without the other in my world.

Life + Music = Marissa Martinez


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