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J-Lamo – “Elevators” (Freestyle)

by Miracle

Elevators(Photo By Sound Cloud)

It is always a pleasure to discover a fresh face to bring to readers. It’s even more fulfilling when said face happens to be putting on for the home front. So say hello to J-Lamo. He’s from the north-side of the Mil (like me, lol). He grew up engulfed in music and as a result eventually he came to fall in love with Hip-Hop. His earlier faves / influences include the likes of Jay-Z and Pharrell. He is currently working on an EP called Writer’s Block. As an appetizer for his supporters before the project drops, he released a freestyle to the classic Outkast hit “Elevators.”

The original groovy space style production remains fully intact. Which is a brilliant idea because the initial production is pure genius. There is no hook utilized at all. J-Lamo just goes in for about a full three minutes. It’s an impressive undertaking but he could of used a pause or so here and there. It would have made things smoother overall. The uninterrupted rhyming is on point though. J-Lamo supplies a distinctive flow, kosher wordplay, and cultivated rhymes. The song description says he just had to zone out for the one time and he does an excellent job of doing just that and pulling the listener in right along with him. A handful of rewind worthy lines include: “It’s something ’bout this life that really makes my mind wonder. It’s something ’bout this influence that keeps ya boy under. It’s something ’bout this music. Love you baby. I’m a sucker. It’s something ’bout her attitude that made me want to f–k her. All day, all night. How you like it though? So much game I’m finessing on the microphone.” Those are some really slick opening bars right there. In the end, this is a top notch little freestyle.

**My Two Cents: The 414 has a ton of artists. So I never know quite what to expect when a new one reaches out. However, I was pleasantly surprised with J-Lamo. He’s got a very magnetic way about him. His flow is chill and his pen game is smooth. I loved this freestyle. He definitely does Outkast justice. He gelled nicely with the beat and came correct with the content. As mentioned earlier, a slight break to absorb the lyrics here and there would’ve rounded the track out well but otherwise no complaints. Looking forward to hearing what else J-Lamo can do. Especially with some dope original production behind him. Writer’s Block is due out sometime this Spring. So be on the lookout. -MinM

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