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Dee Phr3sh – “Problems”

by Miracle

DeePhr3sh_problems_rev2(Photo By Kevin Fortune)

Dee Phr3sh is back on the site with new music as well as a new team. He is now a part of the ever growing House Of Renji imprint. Congrats to him and big ups to Genesis Renji for snagging another dope artist. Phr3sh’s latest offering is coined “Problems” and is produced by fellow House member Golden Child.

The production here is satisfying. The filling base, versatile supporting details, energetic tempo, and businesslike vibe make for a notable mixture. The hook is decent. The delivery is creative and the lyrics are engaging. The verses are adequate. Dee Phr3sh employs a standout flow, colorful wordplay, and copacetic rhymes. He uses the opportunity to get some things off of his chest while at the same time still managing to entertain the listener. A high-point from his venting session includes lines such as: “It’s powers in Adam’s apple. Knowledge of the evening. Dodging serpents every evening. I’ve been working every weekend. Why the f–k I’m so self-conscious? Why the world be on my conscience? Why I’m fighting for a job I know I never really wanted? My life worth like nine an hour.” Those are some thought provoking bars right there. Overall, this is a worthwhile number and a respectable way to solidify his House membership.

**My Two Cents: Haven’t heard from Dee Phr3sh in a while. So I wasn’t sure what to expect with this track. But it’s actually pretty dope. I dig the production a lot and the content has some deep parts to it. I think being with the House Of Renji is going to do wonders for the young emcee. Looking forward to his continued growth and great music. -MinM

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