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Montrey Slayton – Love At First Sight (Album Review)

by Miracle

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“Love Drug” (previous review) / “Love Drug” (video)

414 crooner Montrey Slayton is gearing up to release a new EP. In order for his fans to appreciate where he’s going though, Montrey thought they should first get a taste of where he’s been. So he decided to place his last project Love At First Sight back online. The collective was originally released in October of 2013 and includes the smash hit “Love Drug.” There are also guest appearances from artists such as Young Major and Ill Grammar. There is a healthy assortment of producers on deck too. Continue reading after the break to find out how The Illixer enjoyed revisiting the ten track offering.

“Good Enough”

The production here is quality. The soft foundation, lightweight musical elements, mid-tempo pace, and casual vibe fit harmoniously together. The hook is choice. The vocals are of a likeable nature and the lyrics are emotional. The verses are decent. Montrey doles out pointed harmonies and frustrated lyrics as he vents about dealing with the issue of mistrust in his relationship. A handful of standout lines include: “Where you going? Where you been? Is all I hear when I walk in. What’s with the trivia? Have you lost your mind? All you worried about is the damn time. Who you been with? That other chick. Girl, what you talking about? You need to quit.” Those opening words right there definitely allude to a stressful situation. All in all, this is a legitimate selection.

“Dance The Night Away’ F/ Ill Grammar

The production here is unique. The atmospheric bass, sprightly background details, upbeat tempo, and dance pop vibe make for a pleasant combination. The hook is fun. The melodies are spot on and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are delightful. Ill Grammar kicks things off with the first verse. He laces the track with a breezy flow, solid wordplay, and complimentary rhymes. Montrey then takes over the remainder of the track. He utilizes fluent vocals and diverting lyrics. The duo do a wonderful job of making an evening at the club sound like an enticing time. A sprinkling of captivating lines from Montrey are: “Girl tonight just move to the beat. I’ll hold your body close. Your body close to me. Mr. DJ, keep playing my song. We had our hands up. All night long.” One can’t deny the feel good tone of those words right there. As a whole, this is a noteworthy tune.


The production here is beautiful. The full base, instrument driven secondary components, airy rhythm, and lush vibe are a match made in heaven. The hook is divine as well. The vocals are passionate and the lyrics are heartfelt. The verses are endearing. Montrey presents graceful vocal work and doting lyrics. He shows gratitude and appreciation for the special woman in his life in an extremely favorable manner. A snippet from his ode to her is as follows: “I love you. I need you. And no one else compares. I wouldn’t leave you. I wouldn’t dare. I love you. I adore you. I’m so glad that I met you. With this love we’ll never lose.” The sincerity pouring from those words right there is truly touching. Overall, this song is a real treasure as well as the site favorite. It’s a phenomenal example of Montrey in his element.

**My Two Cents: Love At First Sight is an adequate LP. The production is respectable and consists of a good variety of styles. The content is up to par too. Montrey tends to shine brighter on the slower ballady type of cuts but all ten tracks are certainly worth a listen. The substance of the lyrics and his impressive singing abilities make this effort a valid contribution to the R&B world. I highly suggest readers go ahead and dive into the above playlist. In the meantime, the Melody Within EP is on the horizon. So keep those eyes & ears peeled. -MinM

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