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Montrey Slayton – “Take It Off”

by Miracle

artworks-000113633801-teygp6-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

The one and only Montrey Slayton released the second single off of his upcoming Melody Within EP a little while back. It’s a bit of a change of pace from the regretful themed lead track. This one is coined “Take It Off” and is produced by JusaMelody. It is described as a smooth and sexy number for the female persuasion. That’s a pretty accurate summary.

The production here is of a velvety nature. The low key infrastructure, full well blended background ingredients, gradual tempo, and mature vibe make for an extremely pleasing combination. The hook is silky too. The vocals are of a grade A quality and the lyrics lay it all on the line. The verses are captivating. Montrey Slayton dispenses endearing harmonies with sensual yet tasteful lyrics. He does an infallible job of setting the mood for a rendezvous with the object of his desire. Any woman would find it hard not to be lured in by lines like: “Don’t be acting shy now. You got me riled up. I know you love that VSOP. So put this Remy in yo cup. I’m a professional. I put in OT. You can be my 9 to 5. I’m talking seven days a week. Excuse me if you think I move too fast. But all we got is time and I want to make it last.” Those opening lines right there definitely have a swoon causing affect. Overall, this is a lofty second single.

**My Two Cents: Looks like Montrey is 2 for 2 in the hit department as it pertains to his Melody Within EP. I dig this track a lot. Reminds me of something that would play in a movie during an intense/dramatic love scene (lbvs). It is also a nice contrast to “Cake.” Looking forward to hearing what’s next to come from the reigning R&B talent. #TreyNation -MinM

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