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News: Janet Jackson & Lil Kim Set To Make Their Returns To The Spotlight

by Miracle

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Janet Jackson and Lil Kim are arguably two of the most notable female figures in the music industry. The have achieved legendary feats throughout the course of their careers and inspired countless others. But they’ve both been a little lost in the background these past few years. However, that is about to change. Both divas recently made big announcements that will bring them back to the spotlight.

True to form, Miss Jackson kept her news short, simple, and sweet. She posted a video that spans about 50 seconds in length. It’s done in the fashion of a producer when they’re showing off a new beat. Janet’s signature voice sweetly plays over a mellow track as she promises her anxious supporters a new album and a new tour. She released the video on her 49th birthday but it looks like her fans are the ones who got the gifts. Check out the clip above.

As mentioned, Janet isn’t the only one on the comeback train. Lil Kim has finally decided to move her career forward by doing something other than releasing tired diss tracks about Nicki Minaj. She’s rejoining the world of reality television. She is slated to star in a new show potentially titled The Queen Bee which she describes with the phrase ‘Black Kardashian.’ Not sure if that was the best choice of words. Anyways, the show takes viewers behind the scenes of her new life. There is some reconnecting with Diddy, talks of new music, mommy duties, and the mention of a fashion line. So it seems like there will be plenty to witness. No network info or official debut date have been given as of yet. However, there is a trailer circulating and the word is that the show should premiere sometime this year. The video clip features Kim unveiling a couple of interesting tidbits about her personal life as well as doing some serious name dropping. Readers can view it above. This makes for the rap star’s second television run. Her first was via Countdown To Lockdown which aired on BET and chronicled her time leading up to her now infamous stint behind bars.

**My Two Cents: Not the biggest fan ever of Janet Jackson or Lil Kim but they both definitely have their moments. And I have nothing but respect for their contributions to music. As far as their comebacks are concerned, it will be interesting to see how things play out. Kim’s last serious album was pretty dope. So I am curious to hear her new music if nothing else. What are your thoughts? Are y’all checking for the whispering goddess of R&B and the face evolving mistress of Rap or nah? Drop a line or two in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts! -MinM

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