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Meet J. Shirel aka Jennifer Shirel, a Milwaukee native who is ready to take over the Hip-Hop industry on behalf of the women. Since the age of nine, J. Shirel has been performing and perfecting her craft as an emcee. To broaden her creativity, she began to indulge in the art of poetry. Which to this today she still incorporates into her music and live shows. Because of this, J. Shirel has declared herself an ‘unorthodox femcee.’ She has also performed on some of the biggest stages in Wisconsin. J. Shirel plans on continuing to be a leading force to propel Rap music back to the state it needs to be in.

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Bad Boyyyy. Bad Boyyyy. Come out and playyyyyy. Take that. Take that. The B.E.T. Awards have come and gone for another year. There were some highs and lows, but one of my favorite highlights was the Bad Boy 20 year reunion. Complete with a few of my favorite gems, Puff Daddy (or whatever he goes by today) sure knows how to put on a show. Puff, Ma$e, The Lox, Lil Kim, Faith Evans, and 112 gave the award ceremony a Hip-Hop nostalgic feel. Especially with Lil Kim doing her iconic squat pose, which for a minute, made us forget she’s been cut more times than a deck of cards at a casino. The only problem with the set was, where was the rest of the roster? They don’t have weekends off? There were no minutes on their phones? Or is it because Diddy still hasn’t paid them?

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Janet Jackson and Lil Kim are arguably two of the most notable female figures in the music industry. The have achieved legendary feats throughout the course of their careers and inspired countless others. But they’ve both been a little lost in the background these past few years. However, that is about to change. Both divas recently made big announcements that will bring them back to the spotlight.

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 “I am a diamond cluster hustler. Queen b****, supreme b****. Kill a n**** for my n**** by any means b****. Murder scene b****. Clean b****, disease free b****, check it.”Lil Kim (“Queen B”)

Things went from 0 to 100 real quick, real quick when Diddy got pissed. If you haven’t heard or you finally came off your giggle fit from the whole Chris Brown and Krispy Kreme (Karrueche) situation, Diddy slapped Drake. Yes, Mr. Puff Daddy put five fingers to Wheelchair Jimmy’s face. But for what? A song (not Cassie). But why? So the story goes, Boi-1da gave the song to both Diddy and Drake. Which most producers do when they have a song. Drake snatched it up first and  it later became “0-100.” Diddy then wants to meet with Drake about the song. Drake on the other hand, begins to dodge Diddy. Never dodge Diddy. So fast forward to early Monday morning (12/8). Diddy meets with Drake outside of club LIV where Drake refuses to step out of the car at first. He finally does. He and Diddy continue to argue. Now Drake being Drake and believing he is as tough as he portrays on records, gets slick. Never get slick with Diddy. Diddy tells him that he will not disrespect him and proceeds to show Drake who is the real HBIC.

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Press Release: The I Love The 90s Millennium Show, hosted by Columbia’s Urban Music Association (CUMA), is an annual showcase where participants pay homage to music, fashion, film & TV, and dance from 1990-2005. This is a Columbia College Chicago event where the portion of the proceeds go towards the Kamoinge-Ferman Scholarship.

Last week, site affiliate and Chi-Town triple threat Jovan participated in a tribute to one of the most iconic singles in Hip-Hop history. She joined forces with her fellow students/alumni to bring to life the legendary “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix)” record originally performed by: Lil Kim, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Left Eye (R.I.P), and Angie Martinez. The song was a part of the soundtrack to the hit Martin Lawrence film Nothing To Lose.