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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – Dank Sinatra

by Miracle

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Dank Sinatra is a name that is fresh to the site but very much so well known around the city of Milwaukee. He’s 414 born and bred with an upbringing rooted in Soul/R&B music. He prides himself on being humble and having powerful punchlines as well as catchy hooks. These elements have earned him awards, helped him push an impressive amount of units, and garnered him a healthy fan base throughout the Mid-West. Additionally, he has taken part in a nice slew of collaborations and live shows. His ultimate goal is to infuse the Hip-Hop world with a little something different that he has cleverly dubbed Neo Hop. He is currently working on a new project called Community Service.

The track he submitted to #ISupport Volume 3 is called “Take Your Order” and it features fellow artist JStylz. It is produced by Cool Wright. He revealed the following details about the single: I wanted to make a song to let the fellas know it’s okay to ask a woman how she wanna be pleased. And I like to play with words. So I came up with: ‘I’ll serve you good, no drive thru but let me take yo order.'”

Dank Sinatra Defines Support As: Support means to me in music form that someone feels your movement enough to acknowledge you. From telling their friends or family to check out your music to downloading your music themselves or going to your shows. The support keeps me humble and striving to make better music for more support.”


There will be a review of Dank’s award winning album Heavyweight Volume 1 coming to the site in the very near future. In the meantime, readers can follow him on Twitter or check out his tunes on Sound Cloud. And tomorrow we will be bringing you one more artist from the #ISupport movement to check out for the week. So be sure to return to find out who it is. -MinM

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