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2015 Top 5 New Artists: Calhoun Da Pacman

by Pooh Bailey


Calhoun Da Pacman

Calhoun Da Pacman is an independent artist from the North-side of Milwaukee. He has an unique style of rapping with punch lines and metaphors which stimulate mental images in the minds of his listeners. His singles “She Da Club” and “Triflin,” released in 2012, were the favorites amongst the Mid-West natives and college students. Over the past couple of years, Calhoun has performed at numerous venues throughout the Mid-West region. After releasing two mixtapes: Shesh and Bipolar, Calhoun is ready to take over Milwaukee in 2015.

Why should you listen?

When you mix grittiness and pure lyricism, you have Calhoun Da Pacman. With hardcore production and his witty metaphors, Calhoun is the perfect narrator to a reality that some of us tend to ignore. B.G. once said that he was the heart of the streets, but that title definitely belongs to Calhoun. He brings to the table what some of the local rappers pretend to bring, street knowledge. But don’t get it twisted, Calhoun is as book smart as he is street smart.  Which is a lethal combination when applied to rapping. So let this be a warning, beware of Calhoun Da Pacman and his sharp shooter bars.

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