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WestSide Rev(Photo By Band Camp)

I might not stop, places to cop, 76 floors (flows) you can call me the Doc.” There is Jay Z line for everything. And to describe Adam Reverie‘s newest effort The WestSide Rev Project, I believe Hov’s “Grammy Family Freestyle” does it best.

Adam_Rev2014(Photo By Adam Reverie)

Adam Reverie is maintaining his comeback strongly with the recent unleashing of a brand new video. The visuals are for a single off of his previously released street collective dubbed Father Son Brother Friend. The track itself is named “Need A Moment” and it is produced by Eli Myles.

The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2014) by TheIllixer The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2013) **Editor's Note: So once again I sat down and sifted through


artworks-000098311461-4ah5vz-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Adam Reverie is indeed back in the game. He announced his retirement from music back in June to take care of some personal business. However after the controversial Ferguson ordeal, he decided it was time for him to get back in the booth and deliver a message. His new single “Our Future Is BLACK” is produced by Adam Snow and it stops just shy of two minutes.

artworks-000081851084-d092e0-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported me thus far, but I have to tell you all that at this point and time in my life I will no longer be making music. Please do share the music with someone who will appreciate it.” – Love Rev
Adam Reverie‘s latest single “The Unbosoming” breeds a bittersweet sentiment. He’s a dope artist. So him releasing new music is exciting of course. But this also marks his last drop for a while. The Detroit artist has decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from the music game. Therefore this track is additionally a goodbye of sorts for his supporters.