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Tha Spot Show Review: Sounds From The Othaground 2

by Miracle

Been promoting the Sounds From The Othaground 2 event for a while now and it officially went down last night (1/27). The event took place at  Tha Spot  and was hosted by Sinista New Breed with contributions from Mike Hernandez and The Young Urban Society. The Young Urban Society’s DJ Cell and DJ Mike Angel were on the one’s and two’s. They did an excellent job of keeping the atmosphere alive and the crowd entertained. Once everyone was settled, the live performances kicked off with a Milwaukee legend. Zulu Nation and Blaqlizt Entertainment’s own King Kamonzi got things going. The crowd showed him much love and respect for bringing a mature quality old school brand of Hip-Hop to the new school affair. Next, Kamonzi handed the mic off to his fellow Blaqlizt member Kia Rap Princess. She came with mad energy as she blessed the crowd with an unreleased cut and then went on to perform some of her new material. Her shining moment though was when she performed her fan favorite single “WTF U On.” The audience rapped every word right along with her and there was an electric feeling in the air. Footage of the performance can be seen below.

Kia’s set was followed by a brief intermission. Then Scholar Guy Music hit the stage. The trio got things right back on track with amped up performances of some of their smash singles like “I Want It All” and “Say It, Do It.” The fellas did a fair job but Miss Samantha Kay was the one to watch due to her sensual persona and animated antics. Prodigal Son was next up to bat. His humble attitude and laid back demeanor was a nice change of pace. He also spit a decent a-capella for the crowd. Qewl Miles followed Prodigal and continued the laid back style of things. His street savvy rhymes and low key style had an almost East Coast feel to them. He generated comparisons of a Mid-West style Nas or AZ from the impressed audience. The live performances wrapped up with a set from the host with the most Sinista New Breed himself. He took things out on a stellar note with everybody in the building showing him nothing but love and support. He performed a nice variety of tracks from the more mellow and previously featured “Maserati” to the more intense and street “Kid Frost Back.” All in all, the event was a major success. There was a strong turnout, the atmosphere was super friendly, and the performers were all on point. It was definitely a shining moment for the Southside Hip-Hop movement.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this event! The vibe at Tha Spot was all love and you could tell that everybody was having a good time. Things were also very well organized. Props to Sinista and The Young Urban Society for bringing everybody together on a positive note in the name of Hip-Hop. Milwaukee could certainly use more events like this one. Keep up the good work! -MinM

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