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Pavy – Middle Class Ignorance (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Middle Class Ignorance

Last month readers were introduced to Chicago rapper Pavy (Progressive Ambitious Vigorous Youngin’) via his single/video “Triumphant.” As mentioned before the single was to establish buzz for his brand new mixtape entitled Middle Class Ignorance. Middle Class Ignorance officially dropped a few days ago and includes a host of features from artists like: Capital K, Vic Spencer, The Boy Illinois, and a few others. Pavy has spent the past two years crafting the project in the hopes that it will take: him, his fans, and Hip-Hop lovers on a musical journey to new heights. Did all of his time and hard work pay off? Click the jump for a review of a couple cuts and let’s find out.

“The Uprising”

The production here is hot. It contains a low heavy bass, a slight clapping sound, and a very serious/intense vibe. The hook is solid. Pavy has a clean cut delivery and fair rhymes. The meaning behind the words is what sells the hook though. Pavy creates a striking motivational message by promoting: leadership, unity, and belief in oneself. The verses are on point too. Pavy continues to bring a clean and easy to follow flow. His lyrics are well put together and perfectly compliment the earlier mentioned intense and motivational themes. Highlight lines from the verses include: “Yearning for the past for consecutive hours. As it seems growing up has never devoured … our inner child. But only empowered after breaking barriers that’s provided by doubters. So now I’m twenty but thinking like I’m twelve. Dreaming like a little kid who the stars have compelled. I know that I can do it all if given the chance. And since they ain’t provide a way, its more I demand.” Those are some deep lines right there. And Pavy spits them with such passion that the listener can’t help but to be impacted in some way. In the end, this is a good track. The message is really worth hearing and it shows off the prophetic side of Pavy’s personality. Also, it was a smart way to grab the listener’s attention too, as it is the very first song on the mixtape.

“Hands Up”

The production here is dope. It features some light sound effects, a heavy knock, an uptempo pace, and a street vibe. The hook is good. It has a bit of a catchy appeal. Pavy brings a melodic flow and quality rhymes. The verses are on point as well. Pavy’s delivery matches the beat perfectly and his lyrics are fair. He has some respectable wordplay with unique components like some historical references. However, he could have came just a tad harder. The verses needed that little extra something to really make them pop. Overall, this track is okay. The content needs some minor tweaking but it’s still worth checking out.

“Left Shoulder vs. Right Shoulder”

The production here is fire. It has a low key tone, a slow tempo pace, a smooth bass line, and a dark vibe. The hook is simple but decent. There is a little repetition and then Pavy breaking down the theme of the track. The theme is the the battle of good vs. evil shown through the commonly used concept of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The verses are brilliant. What makes the verses brilliant is the way that Pavy has them constructed to illustrate the theme. The first verse is Pavy sharing the various conflicting thoughts that are going on in his mind. Which is the reason that the angel and devil appear. The second verse is the angel on his shoulder talking to him about doing what is right. The third verse is the devil talking to him about taking the wrong route. This is emphasized by the haunting special effects done on the vocals to make them sound more sinister. The final verse features more with the devil and then Pavy’s response. Readers will have to peep the track to see which side he chooses. Pavy also has some ill rhymes on this cut. Some of the stronger lines include: “Now listen to me close. Cause for you I want the best. I worry about your future. I don’t want to see you stressed.  Steady your direction, never follow with the rest. Cause to you I gave a gift. So in you, you should invest. Oh and by the way I know that you don’t want to hear it. But up in all your classes, you should start appearing. Yeah you got a gift but son that should never mean, that you take it all for granted while you doing as you please.” Not only is there some sick rhyming going on in those lines but Pavy is spitting a truth that a lot of young people could benefit from. Overall, this song is a winner.  The beat, the structure, and the content are all top notch. Certainly, the favorite off of the mixtape.

“Put Me In Ya Club (My Club Song)” F/ Ca$hflow Ellis

The production here is sick. It has a strong knock, a few light sound effects, and a nice smooth street vibe at work. The hook is hot too. It is simple and contains a little repetition but at the same time is also memorable. The verses are very dope. Both Ellis and Pavy went in from start to finish. Ellis kicks things off with a polished flow, sharp wordplay, and impeccable rhymes. Pavy comes in next and takes on the remainder of the track. He too has an insane flow, strong wordplay, and clever lyrics. However, the most notable thing about Pavy’s contribution is the contrast to his usual style. He deviated from his typical laid back delivery and complex lyrics and just fully committed to the whole street persona. The transition worked in his favor though, as he totally owned his part. He mentions something towards the end about not being seen as versatile. This track definitely proves otherwise. Overall, this track is a sure fire hit and another favorite off of the project.

My Two Cents: These are just a few tracks off of Middle Class Ignorance that grabbed my attention the most. The project as a whole is certainly worth checking out though. Pavy’s style and content are something new and refreshing. His hard work is evident and if listeners are willing to keep an open mind, I think they would agree. Pavy is young and has a lot of growing to do but he is off to a good start. And if he keeps it up, he is in for a nice long journey in this Hip-Hop game. Join him for the ride and check out Middle Class Ignorance on Band Camp at the above provided link. -MinM

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