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Wale F/ Lloyd – “Sabotage”

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“Sabotage” F/ Lloyd

DMV rapper Wale has been riding high since the release of his sophomore album Ambition. The album’s first official  single/video “Lotus Flower Bomb” took the airwaves and media outlets by storm. Now hoping for another smash release off the album, Wale drops his track with Atlanta crooner Lloyd. The production here is quality. It features various instruments, a mid-tempo pace, and a smooth R&B type of vibe. The hook is on point as well. Lloyd has amazing vocals and the lyrics are interesting. The only complaint is that the instruments and vocals seem to get a little loud. Dialing back the instruments and playing Lloyd’s vocals at a gentler tone would have been nice. Not a big deal though, still a great hook. The verses are well done. Wale brings a relaxed flow, some witty wordplay, and smartly crafted rhymes. He does a wonderful job of sharing the story of his rocky relationship with a seemingly indecisive female. The details he provided really helped paint a vivid picture of the situation for the listener. It takes a truly talented emcee to do that. Overall, this is a winning track. It has a very appealing production and some solid substance. Click that link though to hear it for yourselves. As a reminder, Ambition is currently available via all music retailers. The iTunes link is provided earlier in the post. So go show Wale some love and snag a copy or two. And be sure to catch Wale live if given the chance. He is currently on tour, the info regarding the tour is available via his website.

**My Two Cents: I haven’t been crazy about Wale’s music since he teamed up with Rick Ross and company. But this track is pretty dope. Lloyd killed the hook and Wale did some nice storytelling that I feel anybody who has ever been in a relationship can relate to. Everyone has had at least one dysfunctional relationship that makes no sense. So props to Wale and Lloyd on this one. I don’t think it will be as big as “Lotus Flower Bomb” but this track definitely has the potential to be a hit. And as always, love to DJ Poizon Ivy for the music! -MinM

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