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Pavy – “Triumphant” (Directed By Thomas Price)

by Miracle

Meet Pavy (Progressive Ambitious Vigorous Youngin’), a rising rapper from the south side of Chicago. He has been rapping and fine tuning his lyrics since the age of 14. Last year, he hooked up with a local record label called Straight Up Hustlin’ Entertainment. Through the company he released his first project, Jackin’ For Beats Volume 1. The album was considered a success with over 6,000 internet downloads. In addition to rapping, Pavy has an interest in acting and fashion as well. The young Chicago native plans to conquer all three venues by staying on his grind and appealing to the real Hip-Hop heads out there. His next step in doing that is his upcoming project Middle Class Ignorance. The debut cut off of the album is called “Triumphant” and the newly released video for the track can be seen below.

This single was produced by Dutch Cannon and this video was directed by Thomas Price. Pavy’s goal with this single/video was to empower people on some level. The concept of this project is a street boxing one. Pavy can be seen: training, sparring, hanging out in the ring, etc. The video is easy to follow and the theme is one that is commonly associated with words like triumph, empower, and so on. So it was a pretty good visual for the song. If readers liked the song/video, they can download the single here. Also, readers can learn more about Pavy via his website. And be on the lookout for Middle Class Ignorance, it is slated to drop January 17, 2012.

**My Two Cents: This video was fair and achieved it’s purpose. However, I feel like it could have used a little more complexity. Maybe Pavy could have created a storyline to explain why he was training. Or he could have had a major match at the end of the video. It just needed something to make it a bit more meaningful. But definitely not a bad effort. -MinM

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