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News: Ice Cube Is Out For Revenge & Another Friday Adventure?

by Miracle


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So the rumor mill is buzzing about a new Friday movie being in the works. And this one will give the fans what they have been asking for since the second movie in the series, the return of Chris Tucker. Last year, Ice Cube spoke off and on about wanting to do one last film for the popular franchise but only if Tucker would agree to be in it.

He wanted to do something different and at the same time make the fans happy. Allegedly, Tucker opted out of the second and third films because the money wasn’t right. However, Next Friday grossed over $59 million in sales and Friday After Next grossed $33 million in sales. Those may not be blockbuster type numbers but they are nothing to sneeze at either. Also, they beat the original Friday which grossed only $28 million. Looks like Tucker might have missed out. Reports have it that Cube is looking to bring back the other original cast members as well if the movie does take place. The film will be produced via Cube Vision and will possibly be titled Last Friday. There has been no signed contract or physical confirmation that actually links Tucker to the film. If any concrete evidence does surface, an update will be done accordingly.  It has been 16 years since the first Friday movie was released.

In addition to the new possible film, Ice Cube is rumored to be working on a new television show. The show would air on FX and is titled Eye For An Eye. The rapper’s Cube Vision company has teamed up with a couple of producers to develop the new drama. Cube himself would take on the lead role. He would play a paramedic turned vigilante as a result of being exposed to years of violence and death. It would be his first ever regular television role. This is not Cube’s first venture into the world of television though. He has produced a few shows for the small screen like: Black. White. and Are We There Yet. There is no set release date for the show at this time. If more details become available, an update will be done.

**My Two Cents: I love Ice Cube as an actor and am excited about both of these projects. The show sounds the most appealing though because it would be something different. The movie has promise too but since so much time has passed, Cube is going to have to put in some serious work to make it a success. I do hope both projects happen. It would be nice to see Cube in the spotlight again and it never hurts to have quality African American work on the screens. Thoughts? Drop a line in the comments section and let me know what you think. -MinM

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