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The years 2017 and 2018 have been dubbed the reboot of the 90s. From television shows to fashion, but Hip-Hop beef? Yes, Hip-Hop beef. And no, I don’t mean that crap you yougins are used to. You new wave fans are used to Rap beef being who has the funniest meme or who went the hardest on Instagram. But thanks to Terrance Hatch aka Pusha T, the Summer is turning into 1995. Somebody please pass me my Cross Color hoodie.

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Straight Outta Compton Official Website

Celebrity biopics have not been going over too well these past few months. The motion picture from Lifetime for the late Aaliyah was a total disaster. And their effort honoring the late Whitney Houston was only slightly better. So the pending N.W.A biopic that is slated to hit the big screen later this year had fans on the fence a bit. However, an official trailer for the project dropped a few days ago that changed the dynamic completely.

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It’s been a big year for iconic West Coast Hard Core Rap group N.W.A. Their highly anticipated biopic is currently in production and now the news has just hit the web that they have been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s 2015 class.

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Before Instagram and Twitter, rappers actual rapped a full song about their superiority and/or about how much they didn’t like another rapper. This boys and girls, is called a diss song. A diss song usually sparks a beef. What’s beef? Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep … wait, sorry, I had a moment. Beef is when two rappers don’t like each other, and create a Hip-Hop battle amongst themselves. Some examples of past Hip-Hop beefs: Common vs. Ice Cube, 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule, and of course Biggie vs. Tupac. But today I will be discussing one of the greatest and most debatable beefs/Hip-Hop battles of all time: Jay-Z vs. Nas. Now who won the battle is split 50-50. That is until today. So lets discuss.