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B.o.B F/ Lil Wayne – “Strange Clouds”

by Miracle

“Strange Clouds” serves as the debut single off of Atlanta favorite B.o.B‘s sophomore album. The single has gotten rave reviews and has created quite the anticipation for the upcoming project which will also be titled Strange Clouds. The video for the track dropped earlier this week. Will it measure up to the high bar set by the single? Check it out below to find out and read the review after the jump.

This video was directed by Motion Family. It should also be noted that it features some cool guest appearances by: T.I., Big Kuntry King, 2 Chainz, Playboy Tre, and Rich Kid Shawty. The video opens with B.o.B hanging out in a dark field. A woman on a horse can be seen off to the side of him. She seems to be just a random appearance. Following the field shots, he is shown standing in front of a broke down building of sorts as the sky starts to change in a bizarre way. From there, people are shown fleeing as the sky continues to do weird things. Next, Lil Wayne wanders onto the field to do his part. He takes note of the sky, struggles with the grass, and then gets into his verse. For the duration of the video the field shots and shots of people reacting to the “strange” sky continue. There is another random occurence of a group of guys doing an odd dance in between two houses. The video closes with Weezy glancing up at the sky, B.o.B walking through the field, and a shot of the single’s iTunes cover art.

**My Two Cents: I love this song. But I feel like the video could have been way better. It provided a visual for the lyrics and that’s all it did. There was nothing creative or really engaging about it. There were some weak attempts at humor and that’s about all. Hell even the strange sky wasn’t very impressive. I don’t know, I just feel like B.o.B is capable of a much more quality project. Maybe he will step his game up for the next video. The album Strange Clouds is set to be released sometime in March of 2012. So be on the lookout. -MinM

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