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(Photo By James Dunn)

In keeping with the theme of eerie videos, decided to share the new set of visuals from Chicago emcee Pavy. He recently dropped the eighth and final release off of his latest mixtape Middle Class Ignorance. The song he selected is “Left Shoulder Vs Right Shoulder.” This was also the site favorite as mentioned in the previous review of the tape. The visuals are a tad on the chilling side. Brace yourself and have a look below.

(Photo By Dunn Deal PR)

Middle Class Ignorance

Last month readers were introduced to Chicago rapper Pavy (Progressive Ambitious Vigorous Youngin’) via his single/video “Triumphant.” As mentioned before the single was to establish buzz for his brand new mixtape entitled Middle Class Ignorance. Middle Class Ignorance officially dropped a few days ago and includes a host of features from artists like: Capital K, Vic Spencer, The Boy Illinois, and a few others. Pavy has spent the past two years crafting the project in the hopes that it will take: him, his fans, and Hip-Hop lovers on a musical journey to new heights. Did all of his time and hard work pay off? Click the jump for a review of a couple cuts and let’s find out.

Meet Pavy (Progressive Ambitious Vigorous Youngin’), a rising rapper from the south side of Chicago. He has been rapping and fine tuning his lyrics since the age of 14. Last year, he hooked up with a local record label called Straight Up Hustlin’ Entertainment. Through the company he released his first project, Jackin’ For Beats Volume 1. The album was considered a success with over 6,000 internet downloads. In addition to rapping, Pavy has an interest in acting and fashion as well. The young Chicago native plans to conquer all three venues by staying on his grind and appealing to the real Hip-Hop heads out there. His next step in doing that is his upcoming project Middle Class Ignorance. The debut cut off of the album is called “Triumphant” and the newly released video for the track can be seen below.