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Pavy – “Left Shoulder Vs Right Shoulder” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By James Dunn)

In keeping with the theme of eerie videos, decided to share the new set of visuals from Chicago emcee Pavy. He recently dropped the eighth and final release off of his latest mixtape Middle Class Ignorance. The song he selected is “Left Shoulder Vs Right Shoulder.” This was also the site favorite as mentioned in the previous review of the tape. The visuals are a tad on the chilling side. Brace yourself and have a look below.



This video was directed by Thomas Price. The concept for the video revolves around Pavy dealing with his inner conflicts via the all too familiar battle of good vs evil. The video opens to a shot of a distressed Pavy with a knife in his hand, standing in a random room. He is covered in blood and so are the walls in the room. From there, the viewer is pretty much taken through the events that led up to all of the bloodshed. Basically, Pavy ends up having a face to face with his darker alter ego and things don’t turn out so well for one of them. Other points of interest include: the depiction of the battle in Pavy’s mind between his alter egos, the gloomy coloring, and the light fog like element. All components that truly helped enhance the twisted theme of the project. The video ends with one final shot of the blood stained room from the beginning of the piece as thunder booms in the background. This brings the concept full circle. Overall, this was a haunting yet engaging watch.

**My Two Cents: Artists are really getting their Horrorcore on these days. I love it! I thought this was a dope video. I think Pavy and Price did an excellent job of bringing the track to life. The dark colors, fog, and other effects really made the visuals pop. And Pavy did a nice acting job as well. Definitely suggest that readers spare the five minutes and watch this. For those interested, Pavy can be found on Twitter. -MinM

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