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Lyriciss – “My Life”

by Miracle

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“My Life” (listen/download)

DMV artist Lyriciss is setting out to release a new project in August. The project will be the third in his The Balance EP series. It has been named The Balance EP: Heart and will be exclusively available through www.djbooth.net. A few weeks ago he dropped the first single off of the upcoming EP titled, “My Life.” The track was produced by Slimkat78. It features a sample of the classic Mary J. Blige cut by the same name.

The track opens with a clip of Mary’s soulful vocals. Then the production kicks in. The production is on point. It features a bit of the sample with an original modern twist to it. The hook is solid. The delivery is inventive and the lyrics have meaning to them. The verses are good. Lyriciss comes with a down to earth flow, choice wordplay, and sharp rhymes. He allows the listener into his world via a straightforward discussion of his: career, personal views, and more. Prominent lines include: “But I use words to show YOU where my heart is. Couldn’t be heartless cause that’s where God lives. If I die who would really give a f–k? N—as a wish me well while wishing I give it up. Wishing death on me while telling me live it up. Smiling while I drown in liquor, my mental and liver f–ked. They know a n—a much stronger when he sober. And they biggest fear is me taking over. So it’s over.” Heavy stuff being shared right there. Overall, this song is a hit. The sample was well utilized and Lyriciss came with grade A material as usual. Mary would be proud. The Balance EP: Heart drops August 21, 2012. So be on the lookout.

**My Two Cents: This is a cool record. The spin on the Mary track was creatively done and Lyriciss spit some deep content. But then again, he is pretty good about putting out real quality music. Looking forward to the EP dropping. Readers can keep up with Lyriciss via his website. -MinM

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