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Pharaoh Mac & DMT F/ Dalia Auffant – “Take It Slow”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Take It Slow” F/ Dalia Auffant (listen/download)

Milwaukee is a great breeding ground for talented Hip-Hop duos. Check out the latest pair to grace the site, Pharaoh Mac & DMT. Pharaoh Mac is a lively emcee with profound lyrics and DMT is a heavy hitting beat maker with a degree in Audio Production. That’s pretty impressive. The duo blessed the site with a sultry single they did entitled “Take It Slow” which also features vocalist Dalia Auffant.

The production here is eclectic. It contains a variety of components including: a low bass, Jazz style instruments, a catchy rhythm, and a seductive tone. The only issue is that it is a little on the loud side and takes away from the content a bit. So reducing the volume a tad would make it perfect. The hook is of high quality. Dalia brings soothing vocals wrapped in a husky tone. Think Toni Braxton or Sade. The lyrics are modest. The verses are first rate. Pharaoh Mac brings a smooth flow, apt wordplay, and polished rhymes. He constructs lucid imagery as he shares his tales of cherished time spent with a special person. Significant lines include: “Used to sketch your name on paper. Daydreaming of us together. Cause back then we was cool. Now I’m wanting you more than ever. You had your share of dudes. I had my choice of women. But nothing could compare if we would’ve shared feelings.” Eloquently put together thoughts right there. All in all, this song is a hit. It has an original style to it which is very refreshing. But don’t just believe the review, click that link and play the song for yourself.

**My Two Cents: This song is great. It’s different then a lot of other stuff that’s out right now in sound and style. Also, love the way the subject of the track was handled. It’s a subject that has been done countless times but Pharaoh Mac really put an innovative touch on it. Glad these guys reached out to the site. -MinM

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