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(Photo By Son Em’ All)

“Money Motivated”

Son Em’ All is a Milwaukee emcee who has been doing his thing for about three years now. He came on The Illixer‘s radar during his performance at Sounds From The Othaground 2 at Tha Spot. His performance at the event was low key but one conversation with the emcee and there is no mistaking his passion and dedication to Hip-Hop. He shares: “I originally came out as Prodigal Son and on my last self-titled mixtape I changed my moniker to Son Em’ All, which to me means teaching everybody. I feel like the art of Hip Hop is gone. Hip Hop was about having fun expressing yourself, telling stories, and making music people can relate to after a hard days work. Everybody is a gangsta these days, that’s apart of me but I’m not shooting somebody in every track. I think that’s cliche. They say the easiest way to hide something from the Black man is to put it in a book. I make my rhyme-book audible so knowledge can be received by those truly listening.”  Very deep perspective right there. Being a humble individual, Son not only works on a daily basis to grow and develop his own craft but he goes above and beyond to support other artists and their crews as well. His hope is to help build up some strong Hip-Hop movements here in Wisconsin, so that our artists finally get the recognition they deserve. Now that readers know Son Em’ All a little better, click the jump for a rundown of his track, “Money Motivated.”

Scholar Gang Mafia

Scholar Guy Music is a local Hip-Hop trio from Milwaukee, WI. The trio is comprised of members: B. Justice, Samantha Kay, and Greatman Relllio. Scholar Guy Music came to the attention of The Illixer via their performance at Sounds From The Othaground 2. Their energetic style and catchy music made them a group worth checking out further. So click the jump to check out a review of a few tracks from their current mixtape Scholar Gang Mafia.

Been promoting the Sounds From The Othaground 2 event for a while now and it officially went down last night (1/27). The event took place at  Tha Spot  and was hosted by Sinista New Breed with contributions from Mike Hernandez and The Young Urban Society. The Young Urban Society’s DJ Cell and DJ Mike Angel were on the one’s and two’s. They did an excellent job of keeping the atmosphere alive and the crowd entertained. Once everyone was settled, the live performances kicked off with a Milwaukee legend. Zulu Nation and Blaqlizt Entertainment’s own King Kamonzi got things going. The crowd showed him much love and respect for bringing a mature quality old school brand of Hip-Hop to the new school affair. Next, Kamonzi handed the mic off to his fellow Blaqlizt member Kia Rap Princess. She came with mad energy as she blessed the crowd with an unreleased cut and then went on to perform some of her new material. Her shining moment though was when she performed her fan favorite single “WTF U On.” The audience rapped every word right along with her and there was an electric feeling in the air. Footage of the performance can be seen below.

“WTF U On”

Been showing the Southside a lot of love lately and they been giving it right back. However, had to bring it back to the home team for a second and shed some light on the fam Kia Rap Princess and her new track “WTF U On,” which gets the crowd extra hype every time she performs it. The production here is hot. There is a light instrument type sound at work, a solid bass line, and a street/hood vibe. The hook is on point too and extremely catchy. Kia brings her signature laid back delivery and the lyrics are real. The verses are sick. Kia went in from start to finish. She continued her mellow flow and her rhymes are witty and sharply crafted. Check it as she spits: “Yeah the princess in the building. Let ’em know it’s I. I’m sorry hater I can’t hear you, cause I’m up too high. Ho don’t act like you ain’t notice. B—h you know I’m fly. And you don’t own a pair of these, so ho don’t even lie. Party in the VI. They hating, I can see why. Because I paid my dues and now they paying just to see I. Don’t worry bout my b.i. I got it locked like T.I. If it ain’t bout money, it don’t event get a reply.” Those lines are wicked dope! Overall, this track is a sure fire banger and should be on every true Hip-Hop heads’ playlist in the hood. But don’t just go by the review alone, click the link and bump the track for yourself. Want to see what Kia is on live and in person?