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Scholar Guy Music – Scholar Gang Mafia (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

Scholar Gang Mafia

Scholar Guy Music is a local Hip-Hop trio from Milwaukee, WI. The trio is comprised of members: B. Justice, Samantha Kay, and Greatman Relllio. Scholar Guy Music came to the attention of The Illixer via their performance at Sounds From The Othaground 2. Their energetic style and catchy music made them a group worth checking out further. So click the jump to check out a review of a few tracks from their current mixtape Scholar Gang Mafia.

“I Want It All”

The production here is good. It features a strong bass line, a guitar like rift, and an intense vibe. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are modest but catchy. The verses are dope too. All three emcees handled their business. Each came with stimulating flows, sharp word play, and quality aggressive lyrics. Some attention grabbing lines courtesy of Samantha Kay include: “50/50 uh uh, all mine f—er. Swindled by a hustler. Bet you thought I loved ya. Gave me your heart and soul, awww, sucker! All about that money. Kiss my a$$, pucker!”  Just a few lines but it gets the message across that Scholar Guy peeps don’t play when it comes to their green. Overall, this track is a banger and a great one to see performed live.

“Say It, Do It”

The production here is hot. It contains a low key tone and an infectious vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery has a good energy to it, the lyrics are just basic repetition of the title, and the money theme is once again present. The verses are solid. Justice kicks things off, Relllio comes in next, and Samantha Kay brings it home. All three rappers came with clean cut flows, respectable wordplay, and hood savvy rhymes. Standout lines include courtesy of  Relllio include: “Lights, camera, action; I be the main attraction. So I suggest you get your game up to par. Then ride the bench, cause I’m hurting. But they know that I are … one of the best you ever heard and ever seen do it. 454 Relllio, these n—-s wiper fluid. The dollar sign my favorite prime and I’m in love with it.” Thought those lines were a clever way for Relllio to share what he’s all about. In the end, this song is a winner in every way. And it’s another entertaining one to see done live.

“The 1”

The production here is tight. The strong heavy bass coupled with the various sound effects creates an ill party type of vibe. The hook is choice. The delivery is well done. The back and forth structure really complimented the guy vs. girl theme of the track. The lyrics could have been slightly more creative though. The verses are proper. Justice took the first verse, Samantha Kay handles the second, and Relllio finishes up the track. The trio delivered once again. Everybody came with high spirited flows, witty wordplay, and engaging rhymes. Prominent lines courtesy of Justice include: “Ain’t nothing worse then an insecure b—h. You say your n—a broke, well baby I’m fix. Walk up in the club, deejay put me in the mix. Ain’t s–t changed but the b–h that I’m with. Frigidaire neck wear, yeah it’s all cool.”  Those lines were a firm way to begin the song. Overall, this song is another banger. But be warned it is a little on the explicit side.

**My Two Cents: These were the three top notch tracks in my opinion. However, the other eight songs on Scholar Gang Mafia are also worth a listen. The project as a whole is dope. It’s geared more towards lovers of Street or Hardcore Hip-Hop, but all music lovers could potentially find something they like on the tape. The production choices were excellent and the trio provided worthy content. But the readers make the final call. So head on over to Dat Piff and check out the entire mixtape via the above provided link. -MinM

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Iam Gwop Gang February 8, 2012 - 10:33 pm

Scholar music hungry and they grinding …somebody sign them Nbs…MILTOWN STAND UP.


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