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Teairra Mari F/ 2 Chainz – “U Did That (Remix)”

by Miracle

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“U Did That (Remix)” F/ 2 Chainz (via Ivy Awino)

Teairra Mari has been through a lot in her career since her debut in 2004/2005 on Def Jam. She has had record label issues, some minor legal drama, and the list goes on. However, the songstress has never given up on her music. Since her debut self-titled album Teairra Marí, she has dropped a few mixtapes, EP’s, and had a couple of hit singles. Currently, she is back in the studio working with newly popular producer Rico Love. Her first single off of her upcoming sophomore album is entitled “U Did That.” It has been making quite the wave on the internet  and a remix for the track has just recently surfaced. Click the jump for the deal on the remix.

Rico Love wrote and produced the original version of this cut. The production is the same as the original. It’s fire though with a low deep bass and a smooth intense vibe. The hook is also the same. Mari has great vocals that match the beat well. The lyrics are okay, they are just the title of the single repeated. The verses are where things get switched up a bit. For starters, 2 Chainz kicks off the remix with some respectable bars. He makes for a fair addition to the grown & sexy cut. Teairra takes on the rest of the track. It’s basically just her verses and break from the original with the exception of the second verse. For some reason, it was omitted from the remix. But Teairra did her thing. She has pleasant vocals and choice lyrics. She does an impeccable job of portraying her desires for her new lover and shows no regret about replacing her old one. Overall, this song is a banger. It’s getting lots of favorable comparisons to Kelly Rowland‘s hit “Motivation.” But the track certainly stands out on it’s own. Please check out the single at the above link for yourselves though. Catch up with Teairra Mari on Twitter or peep her on reruns of the latest season of the hit VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop.

**My Two Cents: I have been a fan of Teairra Mari since her debut. I think she has a great voice and a hot catalog. Sadly, she just hasn’t been able to get with the right label / team and thus she is a slept on artist. Hopefully, Rico can help her redeem herself and make a successful comeback. Time will tell, I am certainly rooting for her. -MinM

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