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Sounds From The Othaground 2

by Miracle

The Illixer is about quality music but likes to get behind the community and positive causes as well. So this post is taking the opportunity to support all three. On Friday January 27, an event called Sounds From The Othaground 2 is taking place. It is being held on the Southside and will feature some pretty dope acts such as Kia Rap Princess and Sinista New Breed. Also, DJ Cell Yus Segoviano will be providing the tunes. Get more details by checking out the hot promo video below.

**My Two Cents: I will definitely be attending to support my fam Kia Rap Princess. But also looking to learn more about the Hip-Hop movement on the Southside and maybe make some new friends for The Illixer. Done a little networking on Facebook already and everybody seems super cool. So come out next Friday and show some love. People in Milwaukee do not support each other enough and it’s sad. The Hip-Hop scene in the Mil could be so much more powerful if everybody worked together. Think about it! -MinM

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