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News: Tyga’s No Show Causes Riot

by Miracle

(Photo By BillBoard.Com)

Earlier this month, Young Money rapper Tyga left his fans hanging at a concert in San Diego, California. He was scheduled to perform at the World Beat Center on January 6, 2012. When it came time for the show, he was unable to be located. Reports say that numerous attempts to reach the rapper were made but he never responded to anyone. So the venue personnel had no choice but to declare Tyga a no-show. His fans did not take the news well. Upon concert promoters stating that Tyga would not be performing after all, sources say that the hundreds in attendance began to trash the World Beat Center. Walls, floors, and other venue property was said to have been severely damaged. Things got so bad that the police had to be called in. It took a total of twelve police officers to break up the disturbance. As a result, word has it that Tyga has been banned from the venue in regards to future concerts. The venue personnel are holding him responsible for inciting the riot. Tyga or his representatives could not be reached for press comments at the time this story was released. Should any further info become available, there will be an update.

**My Two Cents: I think this is a shame. I don’t understand why rappers think that it is okay to leave fans hanging or have them wait for hours when it comes to concerts/shows. I know Milwaukee has seen its fair share of artists not showing up at venues and I have been a victim of the waiting game. It is a very frustrating situation to be in. I think artists these days take their fans for granted. If fans didn’t support them, they wouldn’t have careers. I think that’s something that they need to consider before doing their fans wrong. On another note, who knew Tyga was that popular? His music is okay but it’s nothing to riot about. But I guess to each his own. -MinM

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