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“WTF U On”

Been showing the Southside a lot of love lately and they been giving it right back. However, had to bring it back to the home team for a second and shed some light on the fam Kia Rap Princess and her new track “WTF U On,” which gets the crowd extra hype every time she performs it. The production here is hot. There is a light instrument type sound at work, a solid bass line, and a street/hood vibe. The hook is on point too and extremely catchy. Kia brings her signature laid back delivery and the lyrics are real. The verses are sick. Kia went in from start to finish. She continued her mellow flow and her rhymes are witty and sharply crafted. Check it as she spits: “Yeah the princess in the building. Let ’em know it’s I. I’m sorry hater I can’t hear you, cause I’m up too high. Ho don’t act like you ain’t notice. B—h you know I’m fly. And you don’t own a pair of these, so ho don’t even lie. Party in the VI. They hating, I can see why. Because I paid my dues and now they paying just to see I. Don’t worry bout my b.i. I got it locked like T.I. If it ain’t bout money, it don’t event get a reply.” Those lines are wicked dope! Overall, this track is a sure fire banger and should be on every true Hip-Hop heads’ playlist in the hood. But don’t just go by the review alone, click the link and bump the track for yourself. Want to see what Kia is on live and in person?