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Klassik and ¡Oye! – (F**k) Yellow Lights! Mixtape

by Miracle

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(F–k) Yellow Lights!

InkRed Clothing sponsored Milwaukee emcees Klassik and ¡Oye! have recently dropped a mixtape together. The tape is officially released by Red Hat Collaborative, hosted by DJ *Hitmayng, and is entitled (F–k) Yellow Lights! The title is not just about grabbing attention but stands for something deeper. The mixtape description states: “The title of the mixtape goes deeper than both artists disgust for yellow traffic lights. It’s a statement of disapproval when it comes to slowing down and making excuses regarding their artistic craft. Instead, both are speeding up, continuing to grow, taking risks, and pushing the envelope of what an underground Hip-Hop artist can deliver to their fans (Press Release).Thought that was a great way to explain the purpose behind the project. Since the tape includes tracks previously covered: “When I’m Small (Remix)” and “Moon Rock”; just two additional standout tracks will be featured after the jump. Which is something a little different than the usual mixtape review.

“Grey Clouds (Remix)” F/ Daveed Diggs

This track features the popular new dubstep sound and is an original production by DJ *Hitmayng. It should also be noted that it first appeared on ¡Oye!’s The Brown Bomber EP. He did a good job too, as the production is dope. It features a huge variety of sounds, a heavy bass, and an intense vibe. The hook is not heard often but it’s fair. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are interesting. The verses are on point as well. Both rappers came with creative flows that blended nicely with the production and had skillfully constructed rhymes. Overall, this track is a banger. It would especially appeal to those into the whole dubstep scene.

“(W)rapping Paper”

This track appears on the tape as a bonus item from Klassik. The production here is fire. It has a light piano like sound at work and a very low key smooth vibe. The hook is great too. The vocals are easy on the ears and the lyrics are simple yet dope. Check them out: “There’s no place under the tree. So here’s your gift from me. My w(rapping) paper’s fresh. My w(rapping) paper’s clean. My w(rapping) paper’s cool. My w(rapping) paper’s green. Just enough to fight this dream, yeah.” Those lines are pretty clever, right? The verses are sick as well. Klassik brings a clean cut flow with impressive rhymes as he shares his memories and affections in regards to his family and friends. He even gives them a shout at the end of the track. In the end, this song is definitely winning and was the perfect way to end the tape.

**My Two Cents: So these are just a few cuts from the tape that stood out. As a whole, the mixtape is a pretty solid project. There is something different on every track which would make it appealing to Hip-Hop lovers of all kinds. Readers are strongly encouraged to check out (F–k) Yellow Lights! in it’s entirety at the above provide link. Klassik, ¡Oye!, and DJ *Hitmayng did their thing. Listeners will not be disappointed. -MinM

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