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Track Lacer – “2011 Miltown Rap Up”

by Miracle

Meet Milwaukee emcee Track Lacer. Track is a member of Smooth Sailing Records and has been in the game since back in the 90’s. He has four albums under his belt already and is set to release his fifth in the Spring of this year. Track has built quite the name for himself over the years and not just in the city of Milwaukee. He has conquered markets in 17 different states, 31 different cities, and 5 foreign countries. Also, he has worked with some very well respected names in the industry such as: Chuck D, Fiend, Do Or Die, etc. That is quite the impressive resume. Recently, Track dropped a video for a song called “2011 Miltown Rap Up.” The song/video basically sum up all of the major local events of 2011 in about four minutes. And the video is also being credited as Track’s first official video. Track is receiving a lot of love for the visuals. Click play below to find out why.

It should be noted that this video was directed by the homies $killz and Simon “Ole P” Palm. For more with Track Lacer be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming project Beverly Hills 53209: The Mixtape Album. Additionally, readers can check out more of his music via his band page on Facebook. And be sure to keep up with his news, events, and more by following Track on Twitter.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a cool video. The amount of info that Track covered was impressive. He talked about everything from football to politics and he did it in a way that was straight to the point and easy to follow. Also, he gets mad props for flowing the whole four minutes with no hook, break, or anything. That takes a certain level of skill to accomplish. Overall, I think this was a fairly dope recap of 2011. -MinM

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