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$killz – “Broken Wingz”

by Miracle

(Photo By SoundCloud.Com)

“Broken Wingz”

$killz first came to the attention of The Illixer during his set at the Mio-Lounge last month with his crew the Sypher Squad. His cool demeanor and impeccable rhymes made him one to watch. Since then, had the opportunity to chop it up a little bit with the Northside Milwaukee emcee and catch him on the solo tip at Danny’s Lounge.  He was just as impressive if not more so, the second time around. So decided it was time to share his music with the readers. The production here is dope. It features a mid-tempo pace, a smooth bass line, and a chill vibe. The hook is on point as well. The hook actually contains sample lyrics from a song called “All The Way Down” by Irish musician Glen Hansard. Also, there is a unique effect on the vocals for the hook that gives it that extra something to make it stand out. And the lyrics have a deep meaning to them. The verses are hot too. $killz brings a clean cut flow and ill crafted rhymes as he dishes on his regret for how he treated a special lady in his life. He spits: “You were my angel but I broke your wings. Gravity became reality, I sold you a dream. I didn’t mean to destroy you. Now I’m trying to rebuild you. But your heart so numb that I can’t even feel you. I feel you, I would be heartbroken too. If my wings were broken in two, what would I do.” Those are some heavy lines right there. Overall, this song is a banger. Both the production and $killz’s content are winning. The track certainly should be put in constant rotation but please click the link and decide for yourself. If readers liked this track, they should check out $killz Reverb Nation page at the above provided link. And stay tuned to the site. $killz is dropping a brand new mixtape on February 1st entitled Sound Of Superman. There will be  an interview sometime in the near future as well.

**My Two Cents: $killz is a very down to earth cat and he has talent, no question. Loved his music from the first time I heard it and can’t wait to hear the mixtape in a few weeks. It’s very easy to see why $killz and the Sypher Squad have such a huge following in the Milwaukee area. I am happy to say that I am now officially part of said following. Gotta love REAL Hip-Hop! -MinM

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