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Last month, the city of Milwaukee came together for a night of Hip-Hop and charity in the name of one of our very own. 414 youth, Shariff was granted a wish from the infamous Make-A-Wish Foundation. Shariff is a part of the Blaqlizt Music Entertainment brand and has assisted with a couple of the site’s past events as well as the events of a few different local artists. He is a “wish kid” due to the fact that he is living with Takayasu disease. Information on the disease can be found here. He didn’t choose to meet a celebrity or to go on some elaborate vacation. Instead, he wanted to highlight the talent of the city’s younger generation and give back to a few of the organizations who support them.


“Kalism” (Remix) (preview)

 **Note: Throwback Thursday has become quite the phenomenon thanks to social media sites. People from all walks of life take trips down memory lane via: photos, music, videos, etc. So The Illixer decided to join the party. Every once in a while the site will feature content that takes readers back in time. Cheers to the good ole days.

The Kali better known to the masses as Kali Tribe are a Milwaukee based group that came to be back in 1985 (my birth year, haha). Their specialty was conscious style Hip-Hop. Throughout the course of their career they maintained an impressive membership including Speech of Arrested Development. However, the core members were: DJ Landoland, King Kamonzi (Blaqlizt Entertainment), Prince Ulami, and Pharaoh A Mac. They were managed by X’antony Brookens (Blaqlizt Entertainment, Kia Rap Princess). They saw a reasonable amount of success and even made history as the first group from Milwaukee to land a video on BET.

(Photo By Marcus Burnett)

June 27, 2012 marked The Illixer‘s premier event. It was held at Timbuktu and featured 11 unique Milwaukee talents. DJ Ty worked the one’s and two’s, keeping the atmosphere alive. King Kamonzi of the Zulu Nation was an entertaining host who kept things light-hearted but real. The audience was a little smaller than expected. However, they were energetic and showed all of the performers a lot of love and support. Also, the performers gave each other a lot of respect as well. So it was still an encouraging environment. The staff of Timbuktu were friendly and efficient. Everyone got their drinks and food in a timely fashion. The Blaqlizt Entertainment team spread themselves throughout the venue to help out, ensuring everything ran smoothly. And the performers showed up and showed out from beginning to end. Local photographer Steve White was on deck to capture it all. Things ran a little behind schedule but really took off once they got going. Check out a top 10 list of memorable points from the performances after the jump.

Been promoting the Sounds From The Othaground 2 event for a while now and it officially went down last night (1/27). The event took place at  Tha Spot  and was hosted by Sinista New Breed with contributions from Mike Hernandez and The Young Urban Society. The Young Urban Society’s DJ Cell and DJ Mike Angel were on the one’s and two’s. They did an excellent job of keeping the atmosphere alive and the crowd entertained. Once everyone was settled, the live performances kicked off with a Milwaukee legend. Zulu Nation and Blaqlizt Entertainment’s own King Kamonzi got things going. The crowd showed him much love and respect for bringing a mature quality old school brand of Hip-Hop to the new school affair. Next, Kamonzi handed the mic off to his fellow Blaqlizt member Kia Rap Princess. She came with mad energy as she blessed the crowd with an unreleased cut and then went on to perform some of her new material. Her shining moment though was when she performed her fan favorite single “WTF U On.” The audience rapped every word right along with her and there was an electric feeling in the air. Footage of the performance can be seen below.