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Throwback Thursday: The Kali – “Kalism” (Remix)

by Miracle


“Kalism” (Remix) (preview)

 **Note: Throwback Thursday has become quite the phenomenon thanks to social media sites. People from all walks of life take trips down memory lane via: photos, music, videos, etc. So The Illixer decided to join the party. Every once in a while the site will feature content that takes readers back in time. Cheers to the good ole days.

The Kali better known to the masses as Kali Tribe are a Milwaukee based group that came to be back in 1985 (my birth year, haha). Their specialty was conscious style Hip-Hop. Throughout the course of their career they maintained an impressive membership including Speech of Arrested Development. However, the core members were: DJ Landoland, King Kamonzi (Blaqlizt Entertainment), Prince Ulami, and Pharaoh A Mac. They were managed by X’antony Brookens (Blaqlizt Entertainment, Kia Rap Princess). They saw a reasonable amount of success and even made history as the first group from Milwaukee to land a video on BET.

In 1992, the fellas released a project called Kalism. It is a five track offering and it was executive produced by Jason Z. Thomas. Recently, the remix to the EP’s title track began circulating on Facebook and was brought to the site’s attention. So figured it would be a good way to debut Throwback Thursday. The production here is classic. The DJ scratching, mid-tempo pace, reticent background elements, and old school vibe have a crisp sound about them. There is no hook used on this track just a slight break in between the verses. The verses are on point. Each emcee brings a composed flow, creative wordplay, and valuable rhymes. The group gives the listener a vivid idea of what they stand for and represent. A couple of lines worth rewinding are: “Justice and freedom cause The Kali lives morally. When I heard your wack a** s–t I could not respond cordially. Cause you know that type of s–t that you be saying just bores me. But to slow it up again, I’m back to blending. Transcend all barriers. Carrying more ammo than an aircraft carrier.” Blazing bars being spit right there. Overall, this was a slick remix. Great way to premiere the new segment.

**My Two Cents: I was excited to feature this as King Kamonzi is huge supporter of myself and The Illixer. So it is always nice to be able to return that love. Also, the track is dope. 90’s Hip-Hop never gets old in quality just in age and this record is a solid example of that. And being a part of the Blaqlizt family, it is kind of cool to be able to experience a little bit of the history. So much love to X’antony for sharing and for his work within the music scene over the years. If you or a friend have something that you would like featured for Throwback Thursday, visit the contact page and let us know! -MinM

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Antoine Mack May 17, 2013 - 7:09 am

Long Live KALI


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